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loved the first one, why did you take so much out?

i loved the multiple characters, special weapons, why'd you make it so you can only play as pico?

epic game, but...

what are the points for?

Great game, man.

And i'd like to clear up some things about the "Complaints" you have recieved.

1. you don't lose your partner forever, you just select the left arrow on the selector. it scrolls left. through your other partners. duh. (however, there is a glitch where you lose your allies after you beat the game. it happened to me at least)

2. there is a freaking save point, people. it's upward from where you start, and there are several others as the story progresses.

3. no explained controls: well, i do admit, you didn't do that. so I will right now:

arrow keys: move
Space: menu
Enter: Talk.
Menu controls:
clicking the circle button on an inventory item: uses/ equips it.
clicking the x button on an inventory item: drops it.
Clicking the circle button on something equipped: Unequips it, but it goes back to your inventory.
Clicking the x button on something equipped: discards it altogether.
Clicking the upper circle button on an NPC: fights them.
Clicking the circle button on an item: Buys it.

Fighting system:
ok, on the menu (press space) you can assign abilities to 5 slots. the numbers of the slots determine what shortcut you can use to activate it:
slot 1: use the 1 number button to activate.
Slot 2: use the 3 number button to activate.
Slot 3: use the 4 number button to activate.
Slot 5a (typo in the game, it's the one to the top right on the menu. if you still don't get it, it's the one that's defaultly jump): Use the 2 number button to activate.
Slot 5b: (bottom right one) use the 5 number button to activate.

Note: Some abilities can only be assigned to certain slots.

(end of guide)

Although i must agree that the random battles are way too frequent. (activated roughly every 1/3 width of the screen movement you take.) in linon 2, you should change that.

Also, in case you didn't get my email, I'd like to compose music for one of your linion games. let me know if you are interested.


great game but...

it doesn't work on macs. which sucks for me, because i wanted to see how my song was used. overall great game though, i just couldn't click to combine or switch or use items.

Paranoia responds:

Yeah, I didn't think the GUI system through too well. I might redo it in AS3 some time :s


Thanks so much for using my song... it seems like i can still review... but i can't log on.
which sucks, cuz my five would have been worth more. it's a cool game. i like the spread power up. a suggestion would be to maybe have more than one direction, and maybe a certain trick to making the shield (if these things come up later in the game, I apologize.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : - ) attacks come from all around later on in the game. Great song : - )

Uh... Pokemon got this idea first.

the idea of no traction moving between blockers is from pokemon. good game anyway though.

GameBalance responds:

I thought up same idea myself

great game!

and thanks for the help on 12 simonp. as thanks, here's how you do 13. get the deflectors, kill the highest up dragon. use the first shot you get on the green thing in the corner guarding the keycard. open the lower door but don't go through. go around to the left door, also don't go through. lure the spider over down the narrow passage towards the left door, then back out. go through the lower door, get the two shots without triggering the spider by staying at the bottom corner of the mini room and shoot the plants from there. they should both appear at the corner. once you have 2 shots, kill the spider, get the key, go through the left door, and exit. thanks again.

I'm back for good now. Yeah, I'm in a bit of a slump lately, having trouble coming up with new ideas for songs. But I'm sure I'll recover.

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