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Epic. And genuinely yours.

I started to doubt if this was really you, then I listened to another song of yours for three seconds.

This is yours alright.

people, listen to his other songs. This is unmistakably his style.

sweet mother of Paragonx9...

I never imagined my song in this genre. Quite frankly, this is awesome.

kiwifish responds:

Thank You!!

wow... just... wow.

incredible. How is this not in the 4.5 range?

Damn Zero Voters. You sir, have a common enemy with me. You listed me as a favorite artist, so I decided to check you out. I aggree with the last guy. This is a great song, truly underlooked.

EpicMastermind responds:

Wow, thanks!

Yeah... good old sonic...

the music in sonic 3D blast was amazing! good to know there are other fans. as for the song, it was very well done. i liked how you put all of the different melodies in. you should try volcano valley's theme next. that song is awesome!


although personally i liked the song better when it was slower, this version is catchy too. I'm going to check out some more of your songs.

...did you create this theme? or is it a remix?

either way, (but more so the first way) you are amazing! i love it! how it has a 2.44 rating is beyond me. i'm gonna change that right now.

Maindrian responds:

It's all from scratch. The drums are sequenced and not particuarly well, but the rest is all me, bass and guitars and wibbly effects. Had a lot of fun trying to find a sort of Silent Hill-esque vibe that I didn't feel was present in the first version. Not bad for a piece of music I've had knocking about for nearly three or four years anyway.

Anyway, glad you like. I don't really mind the scores, but appreciate the concern. :)

...just incredible.

the serenity and quiet of the piece makes me feel like i'm actually in the ocean. (i'm listening to it as i write, so if it changes, my apologies.) this is a great song, and i look forward to hearing more from you.

Nice take on the song

i've never heard a techno version of this song before... it's very good. my only advice would be that you made the baseline louder than the melody, which throws it off a bit. if that was your intention, it definitely shows that you have an ear for baseline. nice work, keep it up!

For the love of ansem...

THIS IS FRAGMENTS OF SORROW! NOT GUARDANDO NEL BUIO! you're thinking of the standard battle music in end of the world.

... but i'm not gonna judge you on that. i just wanted to get that out. the song itself is AMAZING!

What sound system do you use? If you got some better instruments this truly would be better than the original as many claim.

TheAmateurAnimator responds:

Fragments of Sorrow, yeah. I found that out after I remixed the song...

I used soundfonts from HammerSounds to makes this, utilizing the FL program.
Now that I have really good synths and samples, I could make a kickass awesome version of this song...but I've put VG remakes behind me now.

Ok I have to ask you now...

What program do you use? I have to know! It's incredible! the music is amazing!

MaestroRage responds:

I use Fruity Studio's, however the sounds you are hearing have little to do with the Fruity Studio's itself. All the sounds you hear are VST's, which are in a nutshell plug-in programs for music programs like Fruity Studio's. Some are rather large though, so yeah.

I'm glad you enjoyed the song, thank you for the revew ^^.

I'm back for good now. Yeah, I'm in a bit of a slump lately, having trouble coming up with new ideas for songs. But I'm sure I'll recover.

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