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Zero Bombing Defense Group.

Posted by RaustBlackDragon - May 12th, 2008

FIRST POST! All right, here's the deal:

I have a plan to help little known but talented artists survive the crippling attacks of zero voters.

I am going to start a group of sorts called the ZBDG, or the Zero Bombing Defense Group.

In short, all you have to do to join is show me what is in your opinion your best song. If it's good enough, you can join. The significance of this is something I'll explain in a moment.

Basically, when you join, you will be listed below in this post. All members have the ability to post a reply to this post with a link to one of your songs, which everyone else in the group is obliged to rate. A few rules:

When requesting ratings:

1. Your song MUST have been recently voted down by a good amount.
2. You can only request ratings once a week.
3. You can only request ratings once for each song.
4. Your song must have good reviews, to prove that it was a victim of Zero Bombing.

When rating:

1. Rate the requested songs based on how much you think the song's rating should improve.
2. If you think the song is bad, don't give it a rating that would reduce its score, but you may give it a review with constructive criticism.

Current Members: (I need more members)

1. RaustBlackDragon
2. Cyprusx
3. Kiwifish

Comments (12)

I am def joining , my best song is Metaltoads atm.

29 seconds in, that was all it took. You're in.

<a href="http://kr1z.newgrounds.com/news/post/111091">http://kr1z.newgrounds.com/news/post/

Eww, they both are bad ideas.

How about you just ignore the ratings? I don't think its &quot;0 bombers&quot; mainly, I think its just people used to voting up to the flash portal's standards, where a 3 is good, whereas in the AP a 4 is good.

it's not about ratings. It's about exposure. Songs that get bad ratings are rarely ever seen again for poorly known artists. This is not a 5 team, either. We're going to vote in defense of recent 0 votes.

But thanks for your opinion.

Really, this a bad idea which has been done a million times. Every time, just as poorly executed.

Votes are really not what people want, at least not people who are serious about their music. People want reviews, and not just closure about great their song was, but serious thoughts and criticisms, that could help improve future submissions.

I've got a review request going on my blog, theres a review request club, so I'd recommend starting a review giveaway or hitting up the club.

are you saying I'm not serious about my music?

I only want votes, as i've said above, because that's the only way of having most songs noticed.

I kind of agree with everyone , how about a review group instead?

Whatever happens, I'm down to join.
I think my best song is probably &quot;k.Chezzi&quot;

Youre in!

Great work man!

cripple creek either wolfblitz 2 style or the revisted
I would say the revisted is the better one
it needs improving dramatically
but I am doubting that i would get in
i wish you luck with what you are doing

I'm in. I love your work, and everyone needs a chance.

It sounds like a cool group... id request to join just to help but I dont have any songs uploaded at the moment or in the near future buttt is was wondering if you could make a remix of ghais theme from Xin plz and good luck with the group XD

Still cool im getting my experiance points up so my vote can really make a difference.

There are probably several proposed unions devoted to protection against the erosion of &quot;0 Bombs&quot; but I have some suggestions and prophecies to share:

First, ZBDG frankly doesn't roll off the tongue so well, being four syllables and all. They rhyme, but there are four of them! Come on. To make it a true acronym, may I suggest we verbally refer to this group as &quot;ZeB-Dodge&quot;? This is because we are, in a sense, trying to avoid the flak that comes with getting zero-bombed. A Zero-Bomber can be colloquially referred to as a &quot;ZEB&quot;, in addition to this coalition's phonetic designation.

Second, remember the definition of a Zero-Bomber: flagrantly dishing out zero votes without soliciting suggestions so musicians can improve the piece. Finding a Zero-Bomber means finding someone who is intensely selective about music. For instance, a hip-hop lover might despise heavy metal. Both genres ironically originate from blues, country-western, and jazz (scat in particular for hip-hop); they do not share psychedelic rock and roll or extensive use of synthesizers in common with one another. So what? How can either of these styles trump the other while they're practically standing on the same ground? Why step on the other sucker's toes? Are the genres of blues, jazz, and country-western music wide enough for the two? They could even dance right next to each other if given half a second's thought! Why no love?

Without knowledge of musical history, one will give &quot;Fives&quot; exclusively to one genre--regardless of quality--while pelting &quot;rival&quot; genres with &quot;Zeroes&quot;. Zero-Bombers often have one or two &quot;preferred&quot; genres in music and think all the rest are essentially alien. In another example, techno aficionados might think guitar-driven music is antiquated, or that alternative rock is one of the worst musical movements in past decades. Conversely, those who play electric guitar think the synthesizer crowd is getting away with murder, since those creeps possess little practical experience with &quot;real&quot; instruments. Incidentally, musicians of all types will think their form is superior to all the rest and utterly disregard some if not all alien forms. What happens with Zero-Bombers can just as easily happen to musicians: high-as-pie pedestals that put them out of touch with the kaleidoscope (and reality) of music. Suppose we can pity both?

Zero-Bombing, therefore, is a subjective activity that conveys plenty of arrogance as well as jealousy on part of both the musician and the disapproving audience. It is also terribly difficult to enforce, let alone protect against. Furthermore, having solicited this self-policing mechanism, Raust subconsciously suggests, in my mind at least, that the Audio and Art Portals should have the same renaissance that came with automating the Flash Portal (i.e., gut the site again and have a universal voting/submission approval system), where the audience can vote on initial rank, &quot;passing judgment&quot; upon new material as it arrives. If it truly sucks, it is extinguished from the system. If not, it comes in and stays until either an admin or the author with appropriate privileges deletes it from the server and our collective (and short) attention spans. We do not feign perfection with such a system, but it works well enough... why not apply it to all formats? What, is it really that labor-intensive in terms of programming? They DID IT BEFORE, for crying out loud!

Another issue with Raust's proposal is that--according to how it is written and thus interpreted--it prevents people from voting Seven in a review when the overall review score is Seven-Point-One or greater, even if one considers a three or perhaps a six far more suitable for the review score. That's a painful flaw; personally, if I thought something truly sucked and needed a zero in either its review or its vote score, I would click zero and perform my civic duty by offering advice on what went wrong, what to avoid and, if possible, methods to improve the piece (or future submissions). I wouldn't change myself to a &quot;Neutral&quot; Voting Disposition (one who votes according to the submission's current overall score, &quot;going with the flow&quot; with a crowd) just because I walk on eggs with musicians' egos. Destroying the ego is considered a rite of passage in certain religions, you know.

Another means with which to defend against zero-bombing--an infinitely better one, given that arrogance and ignorance go hand-in-hand--is to educate the zero-bombers about why their actions are wrong and how they can remedy their behavior for all our sakes. Literature about writing reviews, tact, and even some music theory (or music appreciation, since a lot of hating happens over ignorance of music's aesthetic qualities), can help reshape the current downward trend of zero-bombing. Arguing fairly over the how and why of zero-bombing can help us better understand one another and calm ourselves enough to make rational judgments. Never forget to have rationale and calmness when making judgments, on a piece of music or the behaviors of others.

It's important to remember that the zero-bomber is only human and that true judgment is reserved to something far greater than ourselves. If you're a zero-bomber, don't click without tapping the keyboard several times. If you're a musician, don't whine without checking your tone a few times. The only means with which to wipe zero-bombing is to stop thinking that a war is being fought between the musician and the audience. I mean, come on: where's all the honey amidst all this vinegar... the hookers backstage? They don't use vinegar, and they don't taste like vinegar either... they use Crisco shortening! They just rolled the &quot;Twister&quot; game mat and are inviting us back there, but nobody is listening to them while we're bitching at one another out here in the stadium (by the way, have you ever realized how awful most stadiums' sound systems are for concerts?). Music is a &quot;global activity&quot; in terms of neurology and our application or response to criticism should be just as cerebral.

Post-Script, lest you should know: if I zero-bombed anybody, I left a note about it, typically about low production quality, samples, or mixing (skipping a beat occurs on rare occasion). That much I can understand, having the ears of one with musicians for parents, but little experience with instruments beyond perhaps his own voice. I usually vote based on my place, and champion the music more often than not. In short, with two ears and one mouth, I remember to listen twice as much as I speak, play, and click.

I'd like to join in on this, seems like a pretty good idea. <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/161123">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/161123</a>

I am sorry I may have accidentally 5 bombed your musics