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Zero Bombing Defense Group.

2008-05-12 12:24:31 by RaustBlackDragon

FIRST POST! All right, here's the deal:

I have a plan to help little known but talented artists survive the crippling attacks of zero voters.

I am going to start a group of sorts called the ZBDG, or the Zero Bombing Defense Group.

In short, all you have to do to join is show me what is in your opinion your best song. If it's good enough, you can join. The significance of this is something I'll explain in a moment.

Basically, when you join, you will be listed below in this post. All members have the ability to post a reply to this post with a link to one of your songs, which everyone else in the group is obliged to rate. A few rules:

When requesting ratings:

1. Your song MUST have been recently voted down by a good amount.
2. You can only request ratings once a week.
3. You can only request ratings once for each song.
4. Your song must have good reviews, to prove that it was a victim of Zero Bombing.

When rating:

1. Rate the requested songs based on how much you think the song's rating should improve.
2. If you think the song is bad, don't give it a rating that would reduce its score, but you may give it a review with constructive criticism.

Current Members: (I need more members)

1. RaustBlackDragon
2. Cyprusx
3. Kiwifish